Details Plus Overview

Making the details tab really useful

Details Plus 2 is now free, from version 3.2.0 onwards. 

GoldMine ‘details’ allow data to be captured on a ‘one-to-many’ basis against a contact record. This is ideal for holding information such as event attendance, equipment or licence management, subscriptions etc.

For some applications however, standard Goldmine details can be limiting. Details Plus™ is a low cost, (and probably the world’s biggest selling GoldMine add-on), that extends the standard GoldMine details by providing:

  • User configurable screen layouts for manual or web import data capture
  • Extra fields* with user designation as character, date or numeric.
  • Calculated and default field values.
  • Direct merge capability to Word or email templates.
  • Fast queries on any combination of details fields.
  • Build GoldMine Groups
  • Data export to common file formats

*5 extra fields for GoldMine versions up to 8.0, 1 extra field from version 8.5 onwards

Details Plus has been updated to take advantage of new developments in GoldMine, that allow it to run as a plug-in as well as the conventional option of being launched separately. This new product is designated ‘Details Plus 2’, to differentiate it from the original release of Details Plus, which will still be available for existing users and sites with versions of GoldMine earlier than 6.7. Details Plus 2 is strongly recommended for use with all versions of GoldMine Premium Edition and is the only one which will run with Premium Edition 9.x and GoldMine 2013 GoldMine 2014 and GoldMine 2015.

The following screenshot shows Details Plus as a plug-in with GoldMine Premium:

Details Plus Screenshot

To download a full brochure click here.

You can download Details Plus from the Downloads page.