GoldMine Downloads

Details Plus 2 and Scanner Plus are now free!

You can download the latest versions here. Please note that Details Plus 2 and Scanner Plus now use an msi installer. Installation process should be unchanged.

Details Plus 2 (Version 3.2.1)

This version supports all versions of GoldMine up to 2019 and probably later ones as well

Note: when we first released the free version (3.2.0) is unfortunately had a bug in the plugin version of Details Plus. This has now been fixed in version 3.2.1.

Scanner Plus (version 1.2.0) New version stores preferences such as multisheet with each scanner, supports Twain drivers better and fixes some other bugs.

Note – Details Plus 2 and Scanner Plus for GoldMine are now free! No unlock code is needed.  Note that although simple e-mail support should remain free, for extended support we may need to make charges.

Details Plus 1 (version 2.7.16) Not supported and for older versions of GoldMine only.

CrysDLL Plus (version 2.4.1)

FixCal (version 1.8.3)