FixCal (Free)

We all know the message ‘Cal record missing’ when you try to open a message in your GoldMine Inbox. It can have a variety of causes, such as crashes, corrupt databases,  sync issues. The e-mail is there but you cannot open in. FixCal fixes this, either for one user’s inbox or all users. It does that by creating the missing Cal records. Easy!

  • FixCal fixes this but in fact has evolved over the years to now fix a number of other mailbox inconsistencies. Specifically fixcal now fixes the following:
    Records which are in the MailBox InBox but do not have a CAL record
  • Records which are in the Inbox but are already in CONTHIST (meaning they got filed but the CAL record was not deleted)
  • MailBox records which are not in CONTHIST or CAL but are shown as filed or sent and which are linked to a record in the current contact set. An appropriate CONTHIST record is created.

I am pleased to acknowledge the contribution and advice which other GoldMine resellers have made in this utility, specifically DJ Hunt and Paul VanZyderveld.

Note that FixCal only works for GoldMine 6.7 and above, including GoldMine 7, as it uses the newer COM interface. It also works with all versions of GoldMine Premium Edition.

Download Fixcal Here. Make sure you read the manual first which is included in the download.