Details Plus 2 and Scanner Plus for GoldMine are now free!

Many years ago I wrote Details Plus and Scanner Plus to enhance GoldMine CRM. They have sold thousands of licences across the world.

I am now semi-retired and expect to fully retire in the next few years. I have therefore taken a decision to make these free. You can still download them but they will no longer need a licence. Should you wish you can make a donation on the Downloads page

I did consider making them open source but they include third party components for which licences are required. They were also developed using Delphi 5 Enterprise edition which is fairly ancient. However I have tried to make them as future proof as possible, particularly as regards new versions of GoldMine. Happily the GoldMine COM API is very stable.

Note that if you have existing versions this will continue to work, however if you need additional licences you will need to download the licence-free version.

This does not apply to Details Plus 1 which is not supported and only for very old versions of GoldMine.

In the past support has always been free. Simple email support will continue to be free but for more significant support I may ask for some payment in advance of support being provided.#

Thank you and good GoldMining!

Paul Redstone

About Paul Redstone

Paul has been working as a CRM consultant since 1997, initially concentrating on GoldMine and since 2008 more on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I now spend most of my time as a Dynamics CRM Architect but also develop add-ins for CRM