Support is available initially by e-mail to and this will get the fastest response.

The normal response time is 24 hours but is often faster than this.

Telephone support is not normally available but may be if the issue cannot be solved by e-mail. Such telephone support is normally provided from about 12pm to 5pm US East Standard Time (about 1700 to 2200 UK time, 1800 to 2300 CET, also often from 0800 to 1000 CET). Support may also be available earlier than this for Asia-Pacific areas.

Please note that support is currently free for bugs but not for other issues. If it is not clear that it is a bug then a per incident charge of £30 (approximately $48) is payable in advance – which is refunded if it turns out to be a bug.

To raise a support query please complete the form below. If you want paid support then a PayPal invoice will be issued which will need to be paid prior to support being provided.

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