Scanner Plus for Dynamics CRM Order Form

Please complete the Scanner Plus for Dynamics CRM Order Form below. Except for evaluation/demo licences you will be sent a PayPal invoice. Your licence will be issued once this is paid.

The order form allows you to specify discount codes – you may have these if you took part in the beta programme or are a reseller.

Note that although this form allows for evaluation licences, in many cases this should not be needed as Scanner Plus will run in evaluation mode without a licence, adding a block on top of scanned images. However Extended Evaluation licences allow the use of the Current Record Service and remove the watermark. Extended Evaluation licences are valid for a limited time – typically two weeks.

New licence or additional licences (for example if user count has increased)?

Old Licence
Please give details of your current licence. We can probably obtain this from our records but it will help to ensure accuracy and the correct price!
Enter the total number of licensed CRM users in your existing Scanner Plus licence.

Enter the maximum number of licensed CRM scanning in your existing Scanner Plus licence.

New Licence

End User Details

CRM System

CRM type Online/365Premise

Reseller (Only complete if you are a reseller placing an order for the end user given above)