Scanner Plus for Dynamics CRM Downloads

This page contains various downloads including installers, a manual and a scanner test program.

Note that Scanner Plus needs version .NET 4.7.2 due to the need to use TLS 1.2 to connect to Dynamics CRM online. If you do not have this is a simple installation. You can download it here

If you are evaluating Scanner Plus it is suggested you proceed as follows:

  • Download the Scanner Plus test program. This lets you check that your scanner(s) is.are compatible. It does not require any connection to CRM.
  • Optional: Download the full Scanner Plus but run in evaluation mode. This will let you complete all configuration.
  • Download full Scanner Plus (if not already done) and purchase licences.

Full Scanner Plus installer . Installs the full Scanner Plus application. This is fully functional but runs in evaluation mode. Purchasing a licence removed the evaluation watermarks from scanned images.

Scanner Plus test program. This does not connect to CRM at all but tests the Scanner Plus TWAIN interface to your scanner. Recommended if you want to ensure that your scanner will work with Scanner Plus.

Scanner Plus Manual. This includes full documentation, installation instructions and release notes. This manual is a copy of the help file which is included in the full install.

Scanner Plus Brochure

Virtual Scanner. This is useful if you wish to test Scanner Plus on a PC with no scanner. This is the installer from an open source project. Simply install it and it creates dummy scanner which can be used by programs such as Scanner Plus