Scanner Plus™ for Dynamics CRM

The easiest way to scan documents into Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 is a powerful product supporting most aspects of customer interaction including phone calls, e-mail, word merges and meetings. But often customers or others send you documents. Scanning these and linking to appropriate records can be very labour intensive.  Scanner Plus simplifies and streamlines this process. Scanner Plus is currently in beta. You can easily join the beta program and will be sent a fully functional  time limited licence.  Active participants in the beta programme also get a discount code, valid for the first few months after release.

Scanner Plus for Dynamics CRM offers the following:

Scan from most TWAIN compatible scannersScans, saves and links to CRM record with as few as 2 clicks from one screen
Link to currently viewed record, recently accessed record or use quick findSave in PDF, TIF, JPEG or BMP formats
Assign categories to scans and automatically trigger workflows and actions, for example to notify CRM usersScans can be stored as attachments on records, on linked activities or in SharePoint documents, all configurable
Supports automatic document feeders and automatic duplex scanningCrop and rotate images
Works with CRM 2013, CRM 2015, CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365, both on premise and onlineCentral configuration of key settings. User configuration of other settings.

The downloads page  has a full evaluation copy of Scanner Plus which you can download and install. It is fully functional except that each scanned image has a large block in the centre of it. Applying a  licence to this, enables  it fully.

To help you check if you scanner is compatible with Scanner Plus the downloads page also has a scanner tester program. This does not need CRM at all to run and is easily installed in a minute.

To download a full brochure click here.  This includes details of pricing.

To download the full version/evaluation version, the manual and a virtual scanner program see this page.

Scanner Plus is currently in beta. There is no need to sign up for the beta – just download it and install. It will run in evaluation mode which is fully functional except for the ‘current record service’ and it puts a watermark on all scans. Then request a free extended evaluation using the standard order form which removes the watermark and adds current record service. During the beta period and for a few months after it finishes, you can get a 33% discount on prices by entering the code SPBETA in the price and order forms.

If you wish to discuss your requirements for scanning or would like a web demo, please e-mail

If you want to save costs, look at some example cost benefit analyses.

You can download Scanner Plus from here.

Note that Scanner Plus needs .NET version 4.7.2 due to the need to use TLS 1.2 to connect to Dynamics CRM online. If you do not have this, it is a simple installation. You can download it here

You can also download the brochure and the Scanner Plus Manual.

To order, use the order form here. This also includes a price calculator

If you want to see how Scanner Plus for Dynamics CRM works we have 3 videos:

A quick introduction to Scanner Plus – watch this first:

Installation and Configuration (particularly for system administrators)

Advanced Usage – how to crop and rotate scans plus other topics

The price of Scanner Plus depends upon the total number of users in your CRM and the number of users who actually use Scanner Plus to scan documents.  Typically you just have a small number of users scanning documents and a much larger number viewing the scans in CRM. The normal pricing model  assumes this. There is also a flat pricing model for sites where most users do scanning. Finally an overall ceiling price applies to sites with larger numbers of users – you will be issued an unlimited user count licence for these.

To help you work out pricing the form below lets you enter your user counts and gives you an immediate price. Note that this is a one off price and includes the first year of support.