Details Plus Ordering

Details Plus 1 costs £24 (twenty four pounds sterling) per user licence.

Details Plus 2 costs £30 (thirty pounds sterling) per user licence.

To Upgrade from Details Plus to Details Plus 2 you pay the difference.

Payment is required at time of order and is by credit card via Paypal, so the billed amount will be converted to your local currency by Paypal.

Any number of licences from 1 upwards can be purchased, but must be purchased on a 1:1 basis with the total number of GoldMine licences held. For the more complex sub-site configurations each sub-site licence must have a minimum of 5 licences.

For simplicity and given the low price, we do not discount on quantity, but a 200 user licence allows an unlimited numbers of users. For UK purchasers VAT is charged.

Reseller terms are available.

To place an order download the order form as a PDF or Word document and complete then e-mail to  You can also make payment at the same time to or wait to be notified. Once payment has been received the licence will be provided, normalli within 24 hours.

Updates will be made available for download from the web site.